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Ettlingen Diagnostic Imaging Centre

Dr. med. Stefan Büttner
Dr. med. Heidemarie Braun
Eckart Beranek
Dr. med. Anne Weber
Dr. med. Susanne Oechle

Wilhelmstrasse 1
76275 Ettlingen

Phone ++49 - 72 43 - 53 15 10
Fax     ++49 - 72 43 - 13 84 5


privacy statement 

Dear Visitor,

Obtaining a radiological examination can be both expensive and slow. Often a patient is forced to wait many weeks, or even months, due to the demands on the system. This is especially the case in the UK.

But there is a way to save both time and money! 

The Ettingen Diagnostic Imaging Centre in the Rhine valley is a fully equipped, modern radiological examination facility. The Centre is owned and managed by fully qualified, professional radiologists.

The usual cost of a CT or MRI examination in the UK can exceed £750. At the Ettingen Centre, the same examination can cost as little as £250 – including the flight to Germany and transport to and from the airport at Karlsruhe-Baden!

The Centre can arrange local accommodation at a fair rate, if you wish to stay over.

So, to see how you could save both time and money, why not get in touch with us here in Ettingen?

For further information, please contact us by either email or fax , or telephone. Please ask to speak to Dr. Stefan Buettner at the Centre. 

English is spoken fluently.