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Ettlingen Diagnostic Imaging Centre

Dr. med. Stefan Büttner
Dr. med. Heidemarie Braun
Eckart Beranek
Dr. med. Anne Weber
Dr. med. Susanne Oechle

Wilhelmstrasse 1
76275 Ettlingen

Phone ++49 - 72 43 - 53 15 10
Fax     ++49 - 72 43 - 13 84 5


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The Centre

The Ettingen Diagnostic Imaging Centre offers excellent radiological imaging in all fields, but CT and MRI scanning is our main activity. Our aim is to provide the best possible service, and a fully professional diagnostic assessment to all our patients and their referring doctors. We aim to do this quickly, and at a price that is affordable.

Your radiological examination at the Ettlingen Centre may focus on a current medical problem, but the examinations can also provide a means of early detection, and therefore a possible cure of other potentially critical conditions, eg. cancer.

Fully trained and experienced physicians and staff will not only take every care of your comfort during your visit, but will also ensure that your examination provides the highest quality images.

Our experienced doctors will then meticulously read these images, derive the accurate diagnosis and establish the appropriate written report. They are involved in ongoing scientific research, regularly undergo medical CME education, and are members of ‘CURAGITA,’ a network of cooperating radiologists, professionally managed. This provides a unique network of specialists who are able to consult each other whenever necessary.

We make time for you - our patient - essential for careful and precise diagnostics!

The Ettlingen Diagnostic Centre is easily reached by plane from Stanstead or Dublin via Karlsruhe Baden Airport. And why not take the opportunity to visit our beautiful countryside and see the Black Forest, Baden-Baden and Heidelberg?

Please see our `How to travel´page.