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Ettlingen Diagnostic Imaging Centre

Dr. med. Stefan Büttner
Dr. med. Heidemarie Braun
Eckart Beranek
Dr. med. Anne Weber
Dr. med. Susanne Oechle

Wilhelmstrasse 1
76275 Ettlingen

Phone ++49 - 72 43 - 53 15 10
Fax     ++49 - 72 43 - 13 84 5


privacy statement 

The Procedure

When you arrive at the Ettingen Centre, you will be met and welcomed by our friendly, professional team. They will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your stay.

For CT and MRI examinations, we will need you to have some specific information about your medical history and condition in order that the scans are adapted to your particular personal requirements in the best possible way. If you have already consulted a doctor, a referral letter or a requisition may be useful giving us his initial diagnosis.

We will then need to ask you a few questions about your symptoms eg. the location of any discomfort you may have; when did such start? Has there been any trauma etc? We will also need to know if you have any metal in your body resulting from previous accidents or operations. Our website allows you to download a questionnaire which you can bring with you.

Prior to your scan we will need some preparation time with you. For scintigraphic bone scans this takes about two hours, and for abdominal CT scans we will need between one or two hours in order to achieve best results. Further details are described on the relating pages.

After your examination, your images are analysed and the results will be discussed with you.


Finally, you will receive a full report in English, and we will also give you a CD of the images to take home with you. Or, if you prefer, we can send everything directly to your doctor.







Low Costs

Below are some typical examples of our scanning services. The costs quoted include the full package of flights (up to GBP 50) and scans.

You can see that, even with your flights included, the total cost to you will still be less than you would typically pay in the UK. Obviously, the costs vary according to the examination required.


The costs of some typical scans at the Ettlingen Centre are:


Joint eg. knee - £ 250

Two joints, e.g. both knees - £ 400

Lower, middle or upper part of the spine - £ 250

Whole spine (all three parts) - £ 400

Head - £ 250

Upper abdomen or pelvis - £ 250

CT of the Chest (e.g. for smokers) - £ 200


To calculate your costs

The cost of your flight will be deducted from the prices quoted above. Also, costs can sometimes be further reduced under certain circumstances eg. if multiple scans are required.

The Centre can recommend hotels or arrange local accommodation at a fair rate.

To get an exact quotation for your particular scan, please contact us.